Cheating at Cards

I've only been caught cheating at cards a couple times. The most humiliating was when we used to play Euchre online. Euchre is kind of like a poor man's version of Bridge. For whatever reason, it's popular in Wisconsin. Try not to draw too much from that information from those casual observations. When the internet was still young, some savvy Midwestern developer started a site that allowed you play Euchre online. We'd gather up our boxy laptops and sit on our living room couch. This was before developers figured out how to prevent users on the same IP address from sitting at the same online gambling table, so we'd all shout out our hands to each other and develop a strategy to take down whatever sucker had happened upon our table. We cleaned up, but it didn't take long for one of those suckers to notice that there was some odd play at our table. We got kicked off the site and banned. The most embarrassing part is that we weren't even doing it for money, we just wanted to win. Well, actually, the most embarrassing part is probably that we still couldn't always win.

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