Missed Connections

Our photography teacher ordered us to procure some Kodax Triax film over the weekend for the black-and-white shooting portion of the class. A friend suggested I try Walgreens, so I opened the phonebook and found the one closest my house. I punched in the number and the guy picked up on the third ring. "Do you have Kodak Triax Film?" I asked. "Uh, I think you have the wrong number," he said. I did indeed. I should have known something was up when he didn't answer the phone, "Walgreens." I was surrounded by people when I made the call, but the shock of asking a stranger for Kodak film so unnerved me that I couldn't play it off like I called the right people and they'd simply run out. I've been a lot more sympathetic to people who accidentally call me since this experience.

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