Lying Teachers

When I think back on second grade, I'm pretty sure that my teacher was in the early stages of dementia. She retired the year after we left her for third grade, and I think the school's administration knew she was on the way out and figured that she couldn't do much damage to one more year of second graders. Mondays in her classroom were largely spent sitting quietly and listening to her talk about about her weekend. I remember one that must have been particularly traumatic for her, based on the extent to which she expounded her innocence. She'd cut through a corner gas station to skip a red light at an intersection, and a cop saw her and pulled her over. She told us that she thought she'd seen a friend in the gas station and pulled in to say, 'Hi,' but realized a moment after pulling in that it wasn't her friend so, she left the gas station parking lot on the other side. The cop let her off with a warning, but I question her story. She so emphatically told us about her 'friend' over and over that I think she was just looking for vindication from a group of innocent second graders, trying as hard as she could to believe that she hadn't broken a law and then lied to a cop. Also, she sometimes wore her Roos on the wrong feet.

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