High School Psych Day

It's odd to me that some people don't believe in hypnotism since it's fairly common and can be readily observed. I've seen it a few times. Once at a high school post-homecoming party and once in my high school psych class. I was very tired the time that the hypnotist came into our psych class, and I did not volunteer to get hypnotized. I'd prefer not to be the plaything of some weirdo who temporarily brainwashes me by putting me into a bizarre trance. He picked five people and had them sit down in front of the class, and he asked them to imagine they were floating on a raft going down a river. I was so tired and zoned out, that I began to imagine along with them. I caught myself right as I was going under water and realized that I was on the verge of becoming hypnotized. I wonder if hypnotists have some kind of ethical boundary that would have prevented him from making me dance around or bark like a dog had I become hypnotized. Or maybe I did become hypnotized and never knew it. Maybe I never even snapped out of it. I hope I don't wake up in high school psych class in a few minutes.

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