New Year's Eve Super Fun Time

I don't get that into New Year's Eve. Too much pressure to have the night of your life. The worst place to find yourself on New Year's is one of those bars that charges a $100 cover at 8pm and then offers an open bar until last man standing. People destroy themselves in the only way an open bar allows. I don't blame them; they paid $100 to get in so they better get their money's worth. It's better to go to those bars after midnight when everyone who was inside has moved outside to throw up on the sidewalk. Last year I walked between bars at about 12:30, and the city garbage cans were so crowded with vomiters that people had to taken to the streets in groups of three or four. Maybe this year I'll celebrate New Year's on Friday night instead of Thursday so I can avoid the crowds. It would also give me an opportunity to do something I've always wanted: A daring New Year's Eve jewel heist that I get away with since everyone but me is champagne drunk.

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