Hunter's Safety Class

Hunter's Safety classes were part of the curriculum at the knockoff Boy Scout group I went to as a child. At The Brigade we would meet in a large auditorium to watch the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources film about Hunter Safety each week, then we'd play some floor hockey before branching off into small groups to talk about the informative film we'd watched. There was a group of reoccurring cast member in the Wisconsin DNR Hunter Safety films that would always behave in unsafe ways, and we were always tasked with pointing out all their mistakes during our small group meeting. They did things like shot each other and tied dead deer to the hoods of their cars before taking victory laps through town. The things I remember most about them were their bumper stickers. In the deer hunting safety video they had one that said, "If It's Brown, It's Down," and in the duck hunting video their bumper sticker said, "If It Flies, It Dies." Once you're outside of a hunting context, I think it's likely you'd get beat up for having these stickers on your vehicle.

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