What was That Guy Thinking?

What the hell was that guy in Chinatown doing with a Mogwai to begin with? I know the dad wanted to get something different for his son, but getting his kid a Mogwai when all the other dads are giving puppies is like buying your son a hand grenade when the other dads give out BB guns. The Chinatown proprietor's kid didn't even come close to giving adequate instructions with the animal when he sold it. He was like, "No water, and no food after midnight," then he stressed some kind of vague bad thing that would happen if the Mogwai ate after midnight. You know what he should have said? "Don't feed it after midnight, or it will turn into a demon straight from hell that will terrorize the mall, kill dozens of people, and cause millions of dollars in property damage." Not that it would matter. People in Chinatown are always telling you their watches are real Gucci and their candy doesn't contain lead. But Mogwai aren't knockoff handbags; they're serious business.

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