Taxidermy Class

In 8th grade there was an initiative at my school to create a progressive mindshare where teachers could pass on their passions for certain learned disciplines in special class sessions. One teacher taught a class on chess and another gave one on video game design. The most popular class was "Sundaes on Friday" where a portly teacher showed students how to best make ice cream sundaes. I had the first pick of what to attend among my classmates, and for reasons that I still don't understand today, I chose the class in taxidermy. I could have been elbow deep in an ice cream bucket, but instead I was cutting up ducks and trying to recreate lifelike postures with their corpses. I don't remember the actual embalming process or peeling out the guts, but I remember finding the bone on the duck's stomach where we would start the slice. Maybe I thought taking the class would be funny. Isn't slicing up animals one of the early warning signs of sociopath behavior? I can't believe they were allowed to teach that in school.

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