Lost Cause and Subway Prophets

It troubles me a little that the people waving religious pamphlets on the sidewalk never bother talking to me. Today I was walking behind a short, heavyset woman with long black hair who was going in the same direction. Our destination took us across three guys waving religious pamphlets, and they all went after her like my friend's dog goes after an untended grill. They would crouch down to be at eye level and walk backwards waving the religious literature in her face. The same three men looked right through me. I didn't want their stuff and would have politely declined the material, but I find their profiling troubling. It was obvious that the guys had experience finding the right people to take their wares, and something about the cut of my jib was a signal that I was a lost cause. Oh well, I shouldn't really complain about not getting harassed.

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