Don't Bring Any Inappropriately Sized Items to a Gunfight

My friend Jason came over for a football game last week. We went over the beer situation on the phone while making plans. I had four beers and so did he. One beer per quarter is usually a good fit for me when it comes to the Sunday night or the Monday night game since I need to function at work the next day. I told him to arrive about 15 minutes before kickoff. This way I could get some work done before the game and I wouldn't have a beer before I started drinking, which means that the four I had in the fridge would suffice. Jason arrived about a half-hour before kickoff (he lives four blocks away), so we decided to walk to the store to pickup reserve beers. We found a couple extra large bottles of Sierra Nevada and Heineken, and put in a to-go order at the place downstairs so that I wouldn't have to interrupt the game with ordering and picking up food. When we got back upstairs (15 minutes to game time), Jason cracked one of his four beers he'd brought from home. They were all 24oz cans of Bud. Well played my friend, well played.

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