I've Had it with Frankenberry

Frankenberry is the biggest loser among cereal mascots. He just doesn't have anything going for him. Cap'n Crunch is even cooler than Frankenberry, and he's obviously insane. I'm not sure which mental affliction incapacitates Cap'n Crunch, but he might also be suffering from alcohol withdrawal. His voice is always shaky, and he doesn't seem to have total control of his body. Tony the Tiger is such a goody suck-up it makes me sick--of all the degenerate cereal mascots, Tony would be the worst to hangout with. I wouldn't trust Count Chocula alone in my house for five seconds, but at least he would be interesting, while Tony the Tiger would probably want to talk about Michael Moore Movies all night. I can't figure out Snap, Crackle, and Pop. It's like they want to hang with the Keebler Elves, but they're just too white bread.

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