UFO Sightings

I'm way less into UFO's now than I used to be. You could accurately describe my interest in UFOs as "very little to none." I heard a story about something the size of a football field that flew over a populated part of Texas, but I didn't bother looking into the details. It's a good thing that UFO didn't fly over Texas when I was a 5th grader looking forward to seeing Fire in the Sky, because it's all I would have thought about for months. I think almost everyone has a story they can tell about seeing unexplained lights in the sky or mysterious aircraft on the horizon--especially among the outdoors crowd. It happens during a long drive home after a day of skiing or week of eating peyote buttons in an Argentine sweat lodge. I saw three UFOs in my neighborhood once, but they turned out to be spotlights reflecting off the clouds from a newly opened strip club.

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