The Health Teacher

My French teacher in high school had an affair with the principal. It was one of those things that no one was supposed to know about but everyone did, kind of like we all knew which teachers had DUIs or moonlighted as bookies. I ran into my 7th grade Health teacher about a week ago. I told her that things were going well with my health education, and she nodded and said "good" in a way that made me think maybe she didn't realize I was joking. I wanted to be like, "Listen. The jig is up; I know you don't really care about my eduction in health and that's cool because, frankly, it would be kind of weird if you did." I wanted to let her know that now that I'm out of the 7th grade, I understand that teachers actually change out of their slacks and sweaters and have lives of their own. I didn't want to go nuts on her, though, so I let it slide.

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