Test Marketing and Cutting Red Tape

A friend's dad works at Burger King. I told her it's my favorite restaurant and she hooked me up with some coupons for free Whoppers. No big deal. Anyway, there were boatloads of little kids running around work the other day, and we agreed that another "Take Your Kid to Work Day" must have crept up on us. She said that she went to work at the Burger King headquarters when she was a little kid. She said the kids were all separated from their parents and then given piles of up-and-coming BK food and asked what they thought of it. That experience sounded so cool that I missed the point that Burger King was experimenting on the children of their employees. This, to me, is the genius of The King. Take the kids away so the parents still get their work done, and then treat the employees' kids as a test market that would normally require a lot of red tape parental approval and hefty payments. I try to remind myself of this little story whenever I wonder how they can sell such delicious burgers so cheaply.

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