Shout Outs and Boom Shaka-Laka

I hope I never get interviewed on a live newscast, because I'm afraid that I would yell that I want to give a Shout Out to someone at the end of the interview. Then I'd be just another one of those guys who tries to Raise the Roof and give Shout Outs to people. Then again, I never thought I'd say the phrase Boom Shaka-Laka again. One of my friends ran into a roommate's old high school speech teacher, and she said she still remembered my roommate because he used the phrase Boom Shaka-Laka in every speech. I think that's a fairly remarkable accomplishment considering the breadth of topics you need to speak on in any high school speech class. Since then, I've found myself yelling Boom Shaka-Laka on several occasions.

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