Tooth Pulling Action


I never did well with waiting for a tooth to fall out when I was a little kid. The suspense was a killer. Instead of waiting, I took action. Once the tooth was properly loose, I'd yank it out. The best method that I found was to tie a long piece of dental floss around my loose tooth and then tie the other end to the handle of a heavy door. All that's left is to slam the door shut to rip your tooth out. It's a hell of a thing, tearing out a tooth with a door. Standing there holding the door handle is kind of like standing on a dock mentally preparing to jump in a freezing cold lake. There's that split second after you jump but before you hit the water where you think, "I hope this isn't how I find out I have a heart condition." Waiting for the door to slam is about 10 times worse, and all you can hope is that the tooth comes out in one try.

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