Good Workouts


I like the exhausted feeling after a really hard workout. I don't get it so much anymore. It only seems to happen after my once monthly climbing trips when my hands are so tired that I can't open my car door when I'm trying to go home. I had it today when I was too tired to raise my arm to drink a beer after wakeboarding. It reminded me of a slightly crazy guy who used to work with my mom. He was trying to swim the English Channel and had his brother in the support boat. He told his brother, "No matter how much I tell you to let me in the boat, don't let me in. I know I can do this." Then about halfway across he said, "I know I told you not to let me in the boat no matter how much I asked, but I'm in serious trouble here. I need you to let me in the boat." His brother wouldn't let him in no matter how long he pleaded, and he ended up completing the swim. Sadly, he went a bit insane from the whole thing, and I'm not sure if he ever really recovered.

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