Feast or Famine


"Yeah, feed your Frankenstein," I replied to my friend while raising my eyebrows and slowly nodding my head. "No man, I said, 'Feast or famine,'" he corrected me. I had misunderstood his mumblings after several hours of driving. It was the second time in under an hour. The first confusion came when I relayed his directions via cell phone to take a soft left on Nolan Ryan Blvd when we were actually supposed to be turning on John Nolan Drive. Anyone could have made the same mistake.

Really, "Feast or Famine" versus "Feed your Frankenstein" isn't that big of a difference. It's like when I used to get to choose one candy item from the grocery store as a child. At a very young age I would take Skittles or Sprees so I could savor the individual pieces and really draw one package out over almost a week. At some point, however, I gave up on this attitude. I threw caution to the wind and began indulging in Caramello, which has only 5 pieces and goes quickly, but makes up for its brevity with a fleeting glimpse of truly living. Either way, you know, Feed your Frankenstein.

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