I was watching a movie with some friends the other day, and there was the classic scene where an entire bar erupts in a brawl. It was the Old West style brawl where the bartender dives for the floor while people break bottles over each others heads and someone gets tossed through a window and onto the street. One of my friends remarked that he'd like to be in a brawl like that just once. Another friend said he was in a bar in Wisconsin once that had a special where you could pay $5 and drink tap beer all night. Apparently something started between two guys around midnight, and they began shoving. A few seconds later a full-on brawl erupted between two groups of friends, someone even threw a chair over the two guys fighting in the middle. My friend said him and his buddy sitting at the bar were the only ones not fighting--I guess they just looked at each other and said, "Let's get out of here," before splitting for the exit at top speed. He said it was a pretty terrifying experience, but I still think it sounds great.

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